To new residents, property taxes are one of the most misunderstood aspects of municipal government.  Complaints are often voiced to Township personnel that the municipal property taxes are too high.  In fact, Dingman Township's municipal property taxes are among the lowest in Pike County.  The Dingman Township Board of Supervisors constantly strives to keep municipal property taxes as low as possible while still maintaining quality services. The confusion stems from the fact that while property taxes are collected by the Dingman Township Tax Collector, the majority of the tax money goes to the County and School District.

Dingman Township does NOT have an Earned Income Tax

Your 2021 Tax Dollar

your 2020 tax dollar

Red - 79.8% Delaware Valley School District - 113.85 mils, Green - 14.8% Pike County 21.24 mils, Blue 4% Dingman Township 6 mils, Purple 0.8% Fire Tax 1.25 mils, Black 0.1%  Ambulance Tax .285 mils.

How the Property Tax System Works

1.     The Pike County Tax Assessor determines the value of every property in the county.

2.     The Pike County Commissioners determine the percentage of the property value to be taxed.  Currently, only 25% of the assessed value is taxed.

3.     The taxing entities (Pike County, Delaware Valley School District, and Dingman Township) create their annual budgets and determine the amount of money that must be raised through property taxes.  The taxing entities then determine the amount of millage they will need to collect in order to raise that amount.

A mil is equal to 1/1000 of a dollar.  Therefore a property assessed at $100,000.00 would be taxed based on $25,000.00.  A one mil tax rate result in a tax bill of $25.00.

4.     The Dingman Township Tax Collector mails tax bills to the property owners who in turn send their payments to the Dingman Township Tax Collector.

5.    The Tax Collector sends the collected tax revenue to the appropriate taxing entities.


Who Gets What?

In 2021, Delaware Valley School District taxed Dingman Township property at a rate of 113.85 mils.  Pike County set a 21.24 mil rate, while Dingman Township kept its taxes at 6.5 mils.  There is also a 1.25 mil fire tax and a .5 mil to help support the two fire and two ambulance departments that serve the Township.  Based on these rates our hypothetical $100,000.00 property would be expected to pay the following:


2021 Taxes assessed on a $100,000 house in Dingman Township


Taxing Entity Millage Taxed Dollar Value
Delaware Valley School District 113.85 mils $   2846.25
Pike County 21.24 mils $ 531.00
Dingman Township 6.5 mils $ 162.50
Fire Tax 1.25 mils $ 31.25
Ambulance Tax 0.5 mils $ 12.50


How Does Dingman Township Compare to Neighboring Municipalities?

Not only does Dingman Township have one of the lowest township property tax rates in Pike County, but it is quite a bargain compared to several of it's neighbors.  In 2020, Milford Borough taxed its properties 48.1 mils.  Matamoras Borough 46.2 mils, Westfall Township 21.25 mils, Milford Township 12 mils and Delaware Township 11.68 mils.


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